Running With Cecy: Vol. 2, Issue 4

Running With Cecy: Vol. 2, Issue 4

Hey Islanders Fans!

Well the last blog I wrote was very deep. I meant every word I said. Now our cross country season is coming to an end, we have regionals in Fayetteville, Ark., this weekend. We are going to bring our Islanders pride and we are going to run as fast as our bodies will let us. I still believe that my team is the best team out there. All of the guys and girls have such a huge heart filled with passion for running and even though things don't always turn out to be the way we want them to, we are still thankful that we get to learn from our experiences.

We had some up's and down's at the Southland Conference Championships, but we are using this race to change the down's. Some of the guys and girls fell apart but together we can rise again. Coach Flanagan has said, "the hay is in the barn," now we just need to mentally focus and give it what we worked for all season.

Last week was also "early voting" and a lot of us went out there and voted. Even though we see different views when it comes to politics, we still have the same view when it comes to running in races, which is RUN YOUR HEART OUT. Most of you that read my blogs may know that 95 percent of running is mental and five percent is physical. Running is a wonderful sport but depending on what kind of person you are it can be very tricky!!!! You can be perfect at practice, but when it comes to races, well you choke. I guess the question is why? I struggled with this and I believe that there is always a stage in a runner's life that everyone struggles with it. How can we possibly get out of that negative bubble and just run like we do at practice? Well I'll let you know how I busted that bubble.

Last year I had a rocky year. Cross Country went okay, indoor track was horrible and outdoor track was great. Outdoor track is my absolute favorite season. I always feel fast, positive, light, and I mean all of the above of feeling great! I was doing pretty well in the Steeplechase and coach saw something in me and told me I could make it to regionals one day. I really had never felt like someone actually told me the truth like the time I heard it from him. Out of all of the coaches I've had and out of all the races I've ran, I believed he was right. From then on I tried really hard and tried to focus on that. Well I didn't end up making it to regionals but I ran the best time I did all year, and I came in several overall at the conference meet. I was proud of myself and I realized that the reason I did that good was because I believed in myself and I did what I could control.

At the Southland Conference Cross Country Championships, we had a meeting the night before the race. We were all anxious and nervous and coach told us something that I will always remember. He said three things to us. First he asked us a question, "Do you believe in yourself?" Second, he said, "Do what you can control, remove everything that is distracting you and just go do what you can do." Third, he said, "You have worked so hard for this all season, what are you going to give tomorrow? You're ready to give it your all."

He left us thinking those three things to ourselves. It reminded me of outdoor conference because I thought of those things on my own. Everything he said was right and it really left us thinking. Now I just hope that we can all apply this to our race this Friday and race fast. We are ready and the boys are ready. We want to prove ourselves and other teams that may have doubted us. We want to be the RISING ISLANDERS! (Maybe that sounds lame and corny but it's true).

Let me leave you with a final message … I want you to apply these three things to your brain when it comes to racing. I want us to do well Islanders! I want our fans to be proud and I want all of us to feel proud. So Islander fans please cheer us on!!!! Keep us in your prayers and in mind as we fly to Arkansas this weekend! Finally, "Keep your Islander pride, and don't forget to stride," with yours truly!


Cecy Jones