Running With Cecy: Vol. 2, Issue 3

Running With Cecy: Vol. 2, Issue 3

Hey Islanders Fans!

This week is a great week to be an ISLANDER. Currently as your reading this we are on our way to Beaumont, Texas, for our Southland Conference Cross Country Meet. We are anxious, excited, nervous but over all super duper HAPPY! So far since Arkansas we have been doing very well in practices. Our women's team didn't have a very good meet at the Chili Pepper Festival, but we are getting passed that by being positive and using conference to redeem ourselves. We have the ability to win, we have the strength, and we have the power in our legs. We just need to remain focus on the prize and have a positive attitude and we will have the package ready to deliver everything that we have worked for! From day one Coach Flanagan has been motivating us to run hard at every meet, but especially at conference. He has done everything he can to prepare us for this day. Physically we are ready, mentally is always the tough part. All I want to do though is focus on our race, on what we can do. We have to keep our head ups and eyes looking ahead. We have the endurance, the speed, the power, and all we have left to do is go out there and show everyone what we have.

The women's team has always been successful at conference. We have always been privileged to have great runners that can come together as a team and run fast. We are trying to keep the tradition up this year as well. Even though this year is our "rebuilding" year we want to prove everyone and ourselves that no matter what we are, we are still a talented and strong group of girls. I want you all to encourage us to have a positive mentality because sometimes it can get pretty hard when you think about other girls being faster, or better, or ranked higher, but all of that doesn't matter, because in the end , it's what happens during that moment of the 6k race. I am very proud of all my teammates, our coaching staff, and our university. Now it's our turn to pay our respects back to them by running fast, and show them that everything we have worked for has paid off.

We wake up early in the morning to work out hard … sometimes until we puke our faces off, all for what? This moment, this is conference. We sweat, we cry, we laugh, we go though horrible races and great races to learn, but what is it all for?  This moment. We sacrifice not being able to go out late like every other college student, why? Because we care, but what for? This moment. I am writing blogs about how amazing I feel about our team, how happy and blessed I am to do this and be here, but am I backing up what I am saying? This moment, I am going to prove to you all that I will try my very best to not let you down in anything I'm saying. I want my team to help me with this too because most of it is about them. We are a group of talented young ladies that can go so far but are we willing to go? Are we willing to fight through those 22 minutes of pain? I hope we are all on the same page because that is the only way we can become SOUTHLAND CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS.

One more thing, I want all the fans to cheer us on and to help us as well! We need our friends, families and everyone else out there. Former cross country runners you remember what it felt like?! We want this so bad. I want to personally wish the men's team good luck as well! If they perform like they did at the Chili Pepper Festival … WOW! I am already speechless about them. I am so happy that we have come this far in our running careers and I just hope that we go further and further. Good luck to all the teams out there but make sure you cheer for your ISLANDERS!

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Cecy Jones