Running With Cecy: Vol. 1, Issue 2

Running With Cecy: Vol. 1, Issue 2

Hey Islanders fans, 

How are ya'll doing today? Well this past week was pretty great to be an Islander! We all looked great in our workouts, except there are still a few people getting sick. I'm fine now! Thank God! The freshmen told me that their first hard workout at West Guth was "tough, but they are pushing through." I am proud of every single one of my teammates already including the boys of course ;) Another, exciting thing was that we got our racing flats and they are super cute neon orange/pink and we got racing spikes as well! We also had our first meet this Friday and it actually turned out a lot better than I assumed it would! We have a solid top four right now that seems to be pretty consistent with each other. We are working on getting in a lot better shape, and we are pushing each other so we can have a solid top eight! This past week on Wednesday our masseur Dale was in and it was awesome! We call him magic fingers because he knows how to work our tightness in our muscles! 

Friday was race day! We left a little behind schedule, we were worrying we would be late but we made it on perfect time! We went to the valley in Edinburg, Texas, and raced against UTPA. Once we got to the course we went and changed into our uniforms, warmed up, said a prayer and cheered on our teammates! It was a relay fun race and we were paired up in twos. We each ran two miles twice, and it was a lot of fun! The weather felt pretty dry and windy sometimes but it was good! We cooled down, took some awesome pictures and we shared how we felt during our running. After we raced we went and ate at this Mexican restaurant. It was really yummy. 

One funny moment that happened at dinner was when Bre (BreAnna Briggs) asked the waitress for avocado and extra avocado and more avocados and she never received it! It was just funny because Bre really wanted to have avocado! Anyway, we got home pretty late exactly around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning, but we got to sleep in the next day and didn't have practice! Now this week should be a tough week since we don't have a meet but so far our team is pushing each other and we are trying everyday to go for another conference ring. 

Now I'm going to leave you with my little catch phrase that I want you to keep in mind as you finish reading my blog! "Make sure you keep your Islander pride and don't forget to stride," with yours truly! 


Cecy Jones

^ The freshmen and me! ^