Texas A&M-Corpus Christi men's and women's cross country teams faired well in the 2009 Islander Splash with the men finishing second and the women in third. The top Islander for the men was Patrick Kemeli who was third overall and for the women, Anne Ronoh came in second.

Heather Olsen won the race as the first unattached runner coming in with a time of 17:00.5 just in front of Anne Ronoh, who finished with a time of 17:05.4.

The Islander women finished third overall in the team standings on Friday evening and highest of the Southland competing schools. Coming in first place were the Longhorns of Texas followed by Rice University.

Four of the top 22 finishers were for the hosts, 10 of the top 48 also were from the Blue and Green. Meghan Lemke, Sarah De Los Santos and Sheila Salil came in 20-22.

The next wave of runners was BreAnna Briggs and Courtney Johnson, who came in 28 and 29. Caitlin Arambula was 31, Shelby Nichols came in 36, Melissa Jones followed in 41 and Kristine Torres was 48.

"On the women's side we did what I thought we could do, I was hoping for a little better outcome but we made some progress." said cross country head coach Shawn Flanagan. "Sheila ran really well, Sarah ran well and Anne ran superb."

On the men's side Patrick Kemeli was the high Islander coming in third overall with a time of 25:56. A&M-Corpus Christi placed four in the top 15 and five in the top 20 of the men's splash. Arisel Perez came in ninth, Curtis Patton and Eloy Zertuche were 13 and 14.

"The men ran the best race that they have all year, we are pleased with them since they came together well," said Flanagan. "I'm very much encouraged, this is the best we've run all year and as a team they ran well."

Jordan Valle was next at 17, Kirk Dalhiem finished 23, Daniel Barlow 27 and rounding out at 30 was David Wells giving the team eight in the top 30. McNeese though edged out the Islanders in the final score with the Cowboys taking the crown by a 28 to 45 score.

"Not a bad day for the women and very, very good for the men," added Flanagan on his teams performance Friday evening.

For the high school meet results on Saturday, visit the following website: High School Results

Women's Results-

4. Anne Ronoh 17:05.4

20. Meghan Lemke 18:05.7

21. Sarah De Los Santos 18:06.5

22. Sheila Salil 18:08.0

27. BreAnna Briggs 18.14.3

28. Courtney Johnson 18.16.7

36. Shelby Nichols 18:45.2

41. Melissa Jones 18:59.9

48. Kristine Torres 19.13.8

Overall Team Standings

  1. Texas 28
  2. Rice 42
  3. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 78
  4. McNeese State 110
  5. Texas Arlington 124
  6. Sam Houston State 176
  7. Texas-Pan America 212
  8. Angelo State 222
  9. Central Arkansas 263
  10. St. Mary's 290

Men's Results-

4. Patrick Kimeli 25:56.8

9. Arisel Perez 26.23.7

13. Curtis Patton 26.57.1

14. Eloy Zertuche 27:00.6

17. Jordan Valle 27:10.4

23. Kirk Dalhiem 27:30.0

30. David Wells 27:36.4

Overall Team Standings

  1. McNeese State 28
  2. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 45
  3. Texas Arlington 109
  4. Angelo State 118
  5. San Houston State 137
  6. Texas-Pan America 148
  7. Texas A&M-Kingsville 152
  8. Central Arkansas 163