Hangin’ With HaySatt: Entry #1

Hangin’ With HaySatt: Entry #1

Get the inside scoop about Islanders volleyball from sophomore Haley Satterwhite Day. In the first entry, Satterwhite Day talks about the Islanders first road trip to Denver, Colo.

Travel Day 1 

Our first travel trip with the new team has started off pretty fun already! We arrived at the Corpus Christi airport and while we waited at the gate all of us yelled out throwback songs at Sarah Sanchez for the new warm-up mix. We had a layover in Hobby Airport for a couple hours where the girls charged up their phones and relaxed on our pillow pets! Almost every girl on our team has one and has a name for it! Sarah has Buffy the Bull, Brianna Brink has Peta the Giraffe, Alexis Fritz has a panda named Panda and I have a penguin named Penny. They all play their roles in supporting us on trips! Coach is always making jokes.

Travel days are pretty boring until practice! It's the same matching outfits and sleeping in airports and vans. Coach does his work as Ashley Phelps scares Courtney Cary with the bags…every trip a freshman is responsible for the "extra bags." It contains all the extra items that the team needs in case of an emergency, so it has to be basically taped to the freshmen. Ashley took it and hid it in the airport from Courtney and had her scared for a solid 30 minutes! All the girls were in on it and it was pretty funny for all of us! We do some weird things in exhaustion!

Apparently I've been named the snack princess now as well! I brought bananas, raisins, Swiss Rolls, Pringles, and cranberry juice! I like snacks! We headed onto the next plane to Denver and then into the practice gym! 

After we landed in Denver we couldn't be happier to get in the vans and head to practice!! The altitude was a little different but it was still really pretty! Practice was a struggle and a little slow but we had some fun! We were a little delusional at the restaurant and inhaled rolls and water. We headed to the hotel after dinner to get ready for Friday's match!!

Game Day 1

Woke up at 8 a.m. for our first match! Breakfast at the hotel was awesome! I had eggs, bacon and biscuits and then headed back up to the room to get ready and pack for the day! We then all headed to our first practice at 11. It was a pretty sharp practice for the team in just a short hour! We then ate some premade meal sandwiches and made a detour stop on the DU campus to take team pictures! We had some silly pictures pretending to jump in the pond and climbing trees! It definitely lightened the mood for our match for sure! That took up just enough time to get us back to the gym for a pregame dance session in the lockerroom!

We then headed out for warm-ups against UCI. Brianna is my warm-up partner. We sped through warm-ups in excitement for the game. We then circled up for prayer then a speech from coach and it was game time! The match was rough, but we have a lot of potential and we are growing every match! After the match we headed back to the hotel to prepare for Saturday's matches.

Game Day 2

Waking up at 8 a.m. was a little harder but we ate some breakfast as a team in the hotel. Right as we went back to the room to relax all of a sudden the fire alarm in the hotel went off!! We all ran down seven flights of stairs and out the door! There was a wedding going on and it was a funny event! We went back up to the room and started getting ready for the match.

Our first match of the day was against Denver. We started a little off but gathered to win the second set. After intermission DU really stepped up and won the next two. It was a sad loss but we were able to bounce back very quickly for the match against Air Force. We went into the match against Air Force better than the last two matches and really closed out a hard match for the win!

All-in-all we had a very nice weekend with a lot of lessons learned! After the match we headed to Ashley's house for post-game meal! Her house is basically a hotel in itself. We arrived and immediately hit the chocolate fountain, food bar and candy wall! When half the team is knee deep in chocolate the lights went out! It became a candle lit dinner with 50 people...parents, players and coaches all eating in the dark!

This trip was one of the most interesting ones out of the bunch! It was a great one to start off the year with this great group of girls!

We are now preparing for the Rice Invitational this weekend. Thanks for hangin' with me and I can't wait to update you after our trip to Houston.

Go Islanders!

Haley Satterwhite Day