On The Block With Brooke: A Weekend of Firsts

On The Block With Brooke: A Weekend of Firsts

This past weekend was the weekend of the firsts. The first tournament is always a giddy experience and it puts everything in perspective for the team. We had our first bus ride together as a team, and all bonded over watching modern family. We were laughing the whole trip.

It was all a learning experience of getting back into volleyball mode of traveling all the time. It was the first time for me to miss classes this semester and that is the toughest thing of being on the road to me. It was the first time of stepping on another team's court and playing against an unfamiliar opponent.

During our match against Sam Houston they had a group of guys yelling things at us. The thing people don't realize, about trying to distract me while I'm on the sidelines, is that it makes me play better. I'm used to having someone yell at me to do better.

My mom was a college athlete and coached me in basketball and from the stands for volleyball. This motivates me when strangers try to get me off my game or yell things towards me. I am already prepared from my mom.

I also heard her this weekend as well, and that was a first for this volleyball season. It's like having another coach while you're playing. I'm sure competitive parents understand this aspect of watching your child play any sport.

Overall, it was a successful first weekend. I felt the confidence from my team, the coaches and our fans in the stands. Go Islanders!