El Paso - The Texas A&M-Corpus Christi volleyball team will open it's 2009 season on Friday evening as they take on the Norfolk State Spartans in the UTEP Sun Bowl Invitational.

The Islanders will also be playing their first game under new head coach Tony Graystone. So far, Graystone has not seen the usual nervousness that one would expect under a new head coach while starting a new season.

"I haven't seen them acting nervous, the whole group is still trying to adjust to some things and get better," said Graystone. "We have been able to continue to throw enough things at them where they can't get too emotional about things but, I'm sure tomorrow night when they are going to bed they'll get a little bit anxious."

"I know I will but we'll have all day Friday to get in that mode to take care of business."

Things have looked good so far for the Islanders as the put their new system in place and get ready for an adjustment under a new coaching staff.

"I'm looking forward to seeing if the things we have been doing throughout two-a-days is what we actually show in a real game," said Graystone. "We will see how much progress that we've made over the last two weeks."

After competing against Norfolk State on Friday, the Islanders will play a pair of games on Saturday, starting at 1 PM against Texas Southern and finishing up with host school UTEP at 6 PM. Graystone is looking for a good showing to help his team get off to a fast start this season.

"I want to see us get better and better," said Graystone. "Hopefully we can build a little confidence and get those first wins under our belt so we can continue to move forward."

The trip will be a long one for TAMUCC, flying across the state to play in their first matches of the season. Graystone isn't worried about the effect it will have on his team though.

"The travel will be fine, we get a workout in the gym on Thursday afternoon so that will be good for us," said Graystone. "I don't think it will be a problem at all, I'm actually looking forward to getting out of town, getting us into a different environment and spending some time together as a group."