Meet Your Islanders: Women's Tennis' Sandra Burges

Meet Your Islanders: Women's Tennis' Sandra Burges

Texas A&M – Corpus Christi women's tennis player Sandra Burges is a second year player who is a native of Zaragoza, Spain. The sophomore finished her first year with a 12-6 record for the Islanders in singles and was 6-3 in doubles matches against Southland competition.

Burges will be one of the top returners on a team that features six players that played last season. Read what Burges had to say to


Q: Who do you try to model your tennis game after?

A: Normally, I try to do the same as Rafael Nadal, which is to fight for every point on the court, including running down every ball I can get to.


Q: What is it like being a player for Coach Moore?

A: It is really exciting and he puts so much heart into his work. It is really good because he is trying to make the team a family. He is always with you, he doesn't care if you lose or win, just that you play your hardest and that you feel good on court. I really like it.


Q: How has coming from Spain to the United States helped you grow as a person?

A: The biggest change is that I grew up around a lot of my family. When I came here, I learned to live alone, be a stronger person, and improved my problem solving by having to figure out things by myself. I also don't have my family cheering for me, so I have to be by myself on the court. It was kind of difficult at first, but now I am fine because people around me are now like my family. I don't feel like I'm alone anymore.


Q: Do you have any nicknames that your teammates call you besides your real name?

A: My coach, Megan (Harless) calls me 'little one', but my favorite is 'Sandrita', all of my friends and family call me that.


Q: What is your favorite part about being a member of the Islanders Tennis program?

A: I really love going with the team to matches and doing stuff with my teammates, we really have fun with them. When I am going to matches, it is really nice being with those people together. At home, you would go alone, but here they are around you and support you so we have a lot of fun.


Q: What are your goals as a player coming into your second year with the Islanders?

A: My goal is at least play as good as I did last year. If I can win more matches, it would be awesome, but I want to have the same intensity as I did my first year.


Quick Hits:

Favorite Food: Spanish, I miss it so much from my home.

Nadal or Federer: Nadal

Role Model: My Parents

Favorite Movie: I have a lot, but if I have to choose one, it would be Pride and Prejudice.