A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 1, Issue 10

A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 1, Issue 10

Hey there Islanders fans! 

How was you all's weekend? Mine was pretty fun! We helped at the Conquer the Coast bike race on Saturday! Many of the bikers that rode to our station remembered many of us from last year's Conquer the Coast event. They really enjoyed themselves and we really enjoyed cheering them on like they cheer us on at the games. I have some random pics for you all from the event as well.  

In other words, I have decided that I am going to go to a spa with Ashley Darley aka my sister! We went to get a foot massage in the mall this weekend and realized that maybe we need to just have a spa day because for as much pounding as our bodies go through, we need rejuvenation! Soooooo we are researching some good spas in Corpus Christi! Yay!  

Basketball news ... next week is the week! First day of practice is Monday, October 4th!!!!! And it all begins! November 4th is our exhibition game against Texas Lutheran at the American Bank Center at 2 p.m. Come out and support your Islanders! 

Alright fans well I'm about to go now and catch some zzzz's before class at 4! Catch ya next week so I can let you know how the first two days of practice goes! :) 


Imani Dunn 

P.S. My 21st Birthday is in one month and five days!!!! Yay (November 1)