A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 1, Issue 9

 Me, Nene and Jam after practice one day! Hey Islander fans!! 

I hope you all had a great week! Sorry about the missed blog last week, it was a crazy week but I'm back! Many of you may be wondering how we are doing so far with practice, well ... we are going super hard and intense! No days off for us! You all are in for a treat this season as we will be working hard to bring home a conference championship in March! 

In other news, this weekend come check us out in action at the Conquer the Coast bike race on Saturday as we cheer on our fellow athletes (the cyclers). We will be by the Stripes on the Island right next to Padre Island Burger Company! We love going out there and cheering for them because they support us! If you have time please stop by and see us! 

Well, I'm headed to class so I will talk to you all next week for the next issue of A Dunn Deal Senior Year!!! 


See Ya Laters!!!!                                                                                                                              Me, Nene and Jam after practice one day! -->

Imani Dunn