A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 1, Issue 6: Ashley Darley

A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 1, Issue 6: Ashley Darley

Hey Islander Fans!!

How's you hump day going? Mine? eh ok. School started today! I have two classes, statistics and sexuality in health! I'm sort of excited for this school year as well as basketball season duh! Well, you all remember last week when I told you all that there was going to be a special video this week? Well ...*drum roll* here it is!!!! This video is of the amazing DARLEY GIRL!! lol some know her as Dar, some know her as Ashley, but me, I just call her Darlz! Yes .. with a "z" lol ... but anyways, I know that you all missed her this past season on the court and her ability to shut people down, but she is back in action and ready to start this new season off with a bang! She's as excited as ever! We don't care where she went and why she didn't play last year, because this is a new year, and as long as she is here now, we don't care what happened then! Get it, Got it, Good! Not only is she my teammate, but I consider her family! She's going to make this a fun year and I'm excited to see how it will turn out! :)



Well with that said fans, I'm heading to class :)


Imani Dunn