A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 1, Issue 4 Newcomers: Janae Blount

Hey Islander Fans!!! 

How's everyone's week going? Good as mine I hope! Graduation is on Saturday yay!!! Success!!! On top of that my parents are here! My mom and brother from Hawaii and my dad from Afghanistan! It has been an exciting week for me as well as my fam! My mom has been neglecting me since my dad arrived lol but I guess it's understandable even though she hasn't seen him for seven months and I haven't seen him for a year *shoulder shrug* oh well lol :) tonight I get to decorate my cap with my friends Xinia and Krystal! :). Then VEGAS BABY!!!!! I'm going on vaca for a week! But enough about me and my boring life ;)                                

Ok so you all remember last week we heard from our very own basketball player Zenobia?! Well this week we are turning the page to check out a day in the life of another fishy...Janae Blount!!!! She's a real cool freshman like the others of course with a really calm cool and collected personality! I'm pretty sure that you all will enjoy getting to know her as well as seeing her play this upcoming season! I hope you all enjoy this video of her and I! Being the spunky and outgoing person that I am!! :) *ting*

See you later!

Imani :)