A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 1, Issue 3 Newcomers: Zenobia Winbush

Hey Islander Fans! 

In my week two of our "Newbie News" I met up with Zenobia Winbush aka Z! She is a fish from Schertz, Texas! In this video we will be getting to know her personality and the types of things she likes! Personally, she has a very bubbly personality and I believe that she and I will get along pretty well this season! I hope to see you all this season as we begin preseason play come November. She's a very hard worker and I'm pretty sure you all will love her once you get to know her like the rest of my team and I have! 

I hope you enjoy the video! Make sure you come back next week for our interview with Janae Blount, another one of the fish that we have this season! 

Now, back to my internship :) 12 hours to go! 


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