A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 1, Issue 1

A Dunn Deal Senior Year: Vol. 1, Issue 1

Welcome Back Islander Fans,

A lot has happened since the last time I reached out to you, the fans. Where do I begin?! 

We welcomed to the Island University new coaches! Head Coach Royce Chadwick, Associate Coach Roxanne White, Assistant Coach Darren Brunson and returning Assistant Coach G.  

We are so excited to have new coaches and four fish. (just keep swimming, just keep swimming, ahh Nemo!). All are freshies, except one and that's Morgan Schwartz who will be a sophomore. She's from Midland CC. I'll save the rest of the newcomers for next week's blog when I meet up with them for a summer Q&A video.  

We are excited about the new faces and the new energy that has come into the team for this upcoming season. Everyone has the opportunity to bring something spectacular to the team and we are working hard trying to change our fan's view of us into a more positive image. Ok, enough with the mushy stuff lol … 

So far summer classes have been going good for the majority of the team. Your girl -> ME <-  is graduating August 11th!!!!!! (Btw: 11 is my favorite number if you all forgot lol) Yay! I will be finishing up my internship within the next week and a half J…then I will be taking classes during our season to use toward PT school!.  

Guess what?? We are locker-roomless. Tell me why, they are renovating our locker rooms (sneak peak next week) … to give us better ones!! 

Now back to me! I just got back from my two-week vacation home in Hawaii aka The Rainbow State. I had a blast. Guess what I did? You give up? I went to the beach, saw my family and I went cruising to the Northshore (it's like a city outside of the city…the country part…see picture below). Most of the time I just chilled with my family(ies). 

  <--My little bro

Now back to work I go to earn five more hours out of the 400 hours that I have to complete by August 9th. (Cheese). See you all in a week with the four newcomers! 

-Dueces (Verne'qua Taylor aka Nene voice) 

Imani ✌