What’s Done is Dunn: Vol. 2, Issue 1

Imani Dunn
Imani Dunn

Islander Fans,

Happy New Year! Hope everything went well …

We started conference play today woo woo! Although we fell to McNeese State aka the defending conference champs we played a good game and came out ready to shock the world. This game helped us to realize that when we play hard and together for 40 minutes there is no team that we can't hang with. So on that note come out and support your women's basketball team during conference play cause we also need the support of our fans.

We traveled to Lake Charles, La. Jan. 6, 2012, our first road trip of the New Year, which was also a six hour plus drive. On the way we watched "Just Wright" with Queen Latifah and Common (the rapper). What a great way to start focusing on basketball … Pushing past adversity and pain to move toward a common goal.

We went straight to practice when we got there. It was a pretty competitive practice so we knew we would be ready for the next day aka game day.

Shoot around was at 7 a.m. but because we had such a long day the day before we decided to rest our legs and get mentally prepared for our 1 p.m. game. We had breakfast of course … and as usual … as you probably have guessed … I didn't eat much.

I had potato soup, which I only took six bites of … and a small bowl of fruit … and I only ate three pieces of fruit. My stomach told me I was full and that I needed to stop eating … you know you always have to pay attention to the signs that your body is giving you.

Btw, do any of you know what tenosynovitis is? If you do, email me with the answer at athletics@goislanders.com and I'll give you a special shout out in my next blog.

That's the best friend: --->

On another note, I had my first career start as an Islander today against McNeese State. I was super excited. I have been working really hard these past few weeks. Your girl even hit two from downtown. Lol

But the team as a whole did a really good job for this to be the first conference game.

We are looking to do great things in our next 15 games, starting on Wednesday against UTSA. Hope to see you there!

If any of you want to ask me questions you can email athletics@goislanders.com and I'll answer them in my next blog. Address the subject as Imani Dunn

We are on our way home (below is what it looks like outside) and I'm about to go to sleep ... zzzzzz