What’s Done is Dunn: Vol. 1, Issue 4

Imani Dunn
Imani Dunn

Islander fans,

We all survived finals and now are ready for the holiday season. I finished my last final on Tuesday of last week. We left Saturday to Dallas and flew from Corpus Christi to Houston and then onto Dallas for our game against SMU.

I sat by this woman and she said that I helped her not think about the flight. She didn't like the take-off and the landing, but we talked about her son being in the Air Force and about my career plans after basketball and about Hawaii. It was a very interesting conversation I must add.

After we got to the hotel on Saturday we left to go practice at SMU's practice facility. We all ate as a team after practice and then went back to the hotel. When we got back Trish started playing the piano … another one of her hidden talents we didn't know about … smh

Not only can she do a rubics cube in under two minutes but she can play the piano … check it out …

We played hard in the second half against SMU on Sunday, but came up short, 73-64. We will bounce back in Indiana...

We fly back to Corpus in the morning (Monday) and then most of all my teammates are going home for the holidays. I'm going to be spending Christmas with Jam in Brookshire, Texas.

I just finished watching the UConn-Baylor game (Baylor who by the way is 11-0).

Welp … early flight home tomorrow. Just came from the Jacuzzi and about to shower and call it a night. Catch ya in about 9-10 days. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and I'll be back on Dec. 27th after we play at Indiana. If any of you want to ask me questions you can email athletics@goislanders.com and I'll answer them in my next blog. Address the subject as Imani Dunn

^_^ ….G'night