What’s Done is Dunn: Vol. 1, Issue 2

Imani Dunn
Imani Dunn

Islander Fans,

Due to school I was unable to travel with the Islanders women's basketball team on Thursday, Dec. 1 to Houston for the Rice Tournament, so I don't know what they ate and I don't know how practice went, but I do know I had a ball coming up on Friday with the media relations staff and my new road dogg Sara Alva. Matt was a little jealous because we were talking about fingernail polish, make-up and hair. It was too much estrogen for him to handle being the only guy in the minivan at the time LOL.

To my surprise he turned on the radio and was jammin' to some rap and Sara was singing along. We stopped at a gas station on the way and they tried to leave me and all I wanted was some breakfast tacos! Smh…

We made it to Houston, 14 minutes after shoot around started. Sara and I jumped right in. We went to pregame meal after shoot around and I had fettuccine alfredo with chicken and shrimp and strawberry mango limonate. Then we went back to the hotel and I caught some zzz's. I roomed with Alisa Roberts (aka Lis) again who is going to be my roommate for the rest of the year.

I woke up and went to the gym for our first game against Rice. We were supposed to lose (as all the haters say) but we won 64-61 and the underdog rose to the top to advance to the championship game. Lis came clutch with the free throws at the end of the game to seal the victory. Then we got some wings, some chicken wings. I had Asian zing and hot barbeque mmm mmm good!  

December 3, 2011 at 12 a.m. Verne'qua Taylor (aka Ne) and I sang happy birthday harmoniously to Jessica Jammer (aka Jam) for her 21st (the big 2-1 as she would say). Then the whole team came in and broke up the moment. Smh….

Saturday morning we got up and went to breakfast and I actually ate … some fruit that's it. I'm not much of an eater to be honest. Then Coach D hit us with study hall at 10 a.m. since we have finals this week … (wish us luck!)

We went to shoot around from 11:45-12:30 and when Coach Deb said to make a three and you're done I stepped up behind the arc, dropped back and sunk a three. I told Coach Deb, "Dunn is Done."

Then we went out to eat for pregame and I had prime rib and mashed potatoes and Sierra Mist and we sang to Jam again! Zoe Vega-Vega (aka Zo) gave Jam a brownie cake with icecream … mmm mmm good!

Back to the hotel we went to find out that the hotel management had locked us out of the room. So everybody sat in the hallway until their roommate came back with a new key.

Caught some more zzz's after that. Then it was game time vs. North Texas in the championship game. We lost 72-58 but sometimes there's things in a game you can't control … *cough cough* zebras.

Our SID Amber had the funniest moments on the trip. I won't get into specifics though … LOL.

We ate pizza on the way home. It is now 11:50 p.m. and we still aren't home and I'm tired, about to catch some more zzz's and I'll be back again on Wednesday.

d-_-b  …. zzzzzzzzzzzzz