The Texas A&M - Corpus Christi softball team impressed the Anderson Bat Company so much last season that the manufacturer has signed the Islanders to a full equipment sponsorship for the 2011 season.

One of the premier bat companies in college softball, Anderson will be providing the bats and equipment for the Islanders for the upcoming season.

"For the last 12 years, it has always been 'ok, what bats are going to be in our budget'," said head coach Jake Schumann. "It was actually two seasons ago when we switched to RockeTech bats in the middle of the season.

"Before, you got what you got for your money. I think Anderson is one of the best bat companies out there and produces the high-end bat that really helped our kids be successful."

The Islanders coaching staff have so much faith in the company that they purchased the same bats from Anderson last season instead of getting cheaper bats from another company.

"We were grateful to Anderson for the deal they gave us last season," said Schumann. "After our success, we sent them an email telling them how we did, and they responded by saying they wanted to be a full team sponsor this year."

Even though they may have been able to get a better deal with someone else, Schumann felt the best option was to go with the bats that best suited his team.

"I don't think there is any comparison between Anderson and the other bats that we were using," said Schumann. "The sweet spot of the bat is a lot bigger, it's end-loaded and we teach a major-league swing here so it's easier for us to use those types of bats because our kids know how to use them.

"It's more like a wood bat. If you hit with a wood bat and hit it right, it's going to go. The RockeTech specifically is a bat that we like to use that gives us the best results."

With the new sponsorship from one of the best companies in the business, the Islanders softball program looks to again be among the best hitting teams in the nation. The team finished last year hitting .326, ranking them seventh in the nation for batting average. Nationally, they were also ninth in doubles with 1.6 per game and 29th with a .473 slugging percentage.

The Islanders are hoping to get even better this year with the availability of the latest technology from Anderson. The team will have access to the full line of Anderson products, including the all-new NanoTech FP bats and the RockeTech FP bats that the Islanders used so successfully last season.

"Anderson Bat is proud to be associated with the high-caliber performance and professional image of the Islanders," said Anderson Vice President Jeff Dunn. "We look forward to the success their new season will bring, to supporting that success with our products and to a long and productive relationship."