Aurelien Tave
Aurelien Tave
Title: Assistant Coach

Aurelien Tave, a No. 1 singles and doubles player for the Islanders, and former team captain, entered his second year as an assistant coach for both teams in 2015. Prior to his two years as an assistant, he served as the student assistant coach for the men’s tennis team in 2013. Tave had the winningest record on the team in 2011 for an Islanders team that reached No. 54 in Division I National Rankings. He played No. 1 singles, doubles and was team captain of an Islanders team that won back-to-back Southland Conference Championships and had back-to-back years in the national rankings.

“Aurelien was one of the toughest and smartest players I’ve ever coached,” Director of Tennis Steve Moore said. “He truly got every bit out of his talent and was respected nationally for how tough and smart he played. Aurelien does a great job of conveying that toughness and intelligent tennis to our players, he is tremendously well liked and respected by the teams. He was that guy on the team who did everything right, the kind of guy you really appreciate as a coach.” 

He assists Coach Moore in all aspects of the program; from recruiting, planning, setup and running practice, team travel, itineraries, fundraising and running the numerous tournaments held at the Thomas J. Henry Tennis Center.

“Auri has soared as a young coach and I consider him one of the elite, young up and coming coaches in the nation," said Moore. "His work ethic and character are as good as you will find and there is no area of the team that he is not involved in working with me in some way. Whether it’s recruiting, scouting, player development, scheduling, fundraising, he pours his heart and soul into everything.”

Tave has joined Islanders’ legends, who developed into high lineup players such as Dmitry Novikov, James Langford and Matt Westmoreland.

“What impresses me the most about Aurelien is he developed from a No. 4 to a No. 1 player in just a year,” Moore added. “To improve that quickly requires tremendous discipline, commitment and work ethic. Those are great attributes that he can teach our young players.”