Postcards From Italy - Day 9 - Dale Francis

Postcards From Italy - Day 9 - Dale Francis

ROME, Italy – Every day during the Islanders men's basketball team's overseas tour in Italy, will bring you Postcards from Italy – a combination of photos from the day's activities and a brief recap on the events from members of the men's basketball team.

In today's installment, sophomore Dale Francis reviews the final day in Italy for the team.


It was the last full day of the trip and everybody was exhausted from the game the night before.  Since it was the last day I felt it was best to take advantage of spending my time looking around the city.

The Spanish Steps were a huge attraction in the city with many tourists taking pictures and resting on the stairs.  I needed a few last minute souvenirs so I bought some from the many shops around the city center. 

After walking around for a couple hours I ate at one of the pizzeria places near the hotel before getting ready for our last game tonight. We had another long bus ride to the game so we had to make sure we got warm and ready to play quickly against a young talented team. Everybody was tired but we all wanted to end the trip on a high with a win. The game went really well and there were a lot of positive things to take from the game as well as things we could all work on.

After the long drive back, we had our last evening in Rome. I decided to choose an American hamburger for dinner that night since I was really craving one after 10 days eating Italian food. To end off the night I spent it packing to make sure I didn't forget anything for the next day.

See you in Texas.

-Dale Francis