Islanders In Italy - Day 7 - Brandon Pye

Islanders In Italy - Day 7 - Brandon Pye

FLORENCE, Italy – Every day during the Islanders men's basketball team's overseas tour in Italy, will bring you Postcards from Italy – a combination of photos from the day's activities and a brief recap on the events from members of the men's basketball team.

In today's installment, sophomore Brandon Pye talks about the trip and the team's arrival in Rome.


During our team's trip to Italy, I have really enjoyed the new experiences and opportunities that I have shared with my whole team. Visiting the beautiful cities of Milan, Florence and Rome has been amazing. Coming here as an American without knowing anything can be a little challenging, but the people of Italy have made my stay an experience that I will never forget as long as I live.

One of the things I had to adjust to quickly was the food, but one of my favorite dishes in Italy has to be been the salame pizza and a smoked salmon sandwich from a small sandwich shop near Milan. During the trip I found myself going to eat both of these dishes more than three times.

Today we left from Florence to Rome. As of now I have visited the Spanish Steps and the Colosseum in Rome. Both of these sites were very amazing! The Spanish Steps seemed very cool, because there was a fountain in the middle of the steps where everyone was sitting and enjoying the view. This site made for very good photos.

The second but most memorable site in Rome has to be the Colosseum. Just seeing the place where Gladiators fought, and how the Colosseum was built blew my mind. One of the facts that I thought was great was how the Colosseum was built in only eight years. Seeing all the historical places made me see how great the Romans were at architecture.

This trip has really made me open my views to different cultures and just seeing how people on the other side of the world operate is something amazing to me. I am very thankful and blessed for my opportunity that I have had to visit the great and historical country of Italy.