Postcards From Italy - Day 5 - Hameed Ali

Postcards From Italy - Day 5 - Hameed Ali

FLORENCE, Italy – Every day during the Islanders men's basketball team's overseas tour in Italy, will bring you Postcards from Italy – a combination of photos from the day's activities and a brief recap on the events from members of the men's basketball team.

In today's installment, junior Hameed Ali takes some time (on his birthday, no less) to talk about the team's first day in Florence.


We arrived in Florence today after a long bus ride from Varese. We took no time to rest, as we visited the Accademia Museum. All of the artwork was unbelievably gorgeous. The statue of David looked even better in person. Every little detail was noticeable.

My favorite was the marble sculpture of Jesus being carried. It seemed like it was going to come to life. After that we got to visit the church (Santa Maria del Flora), and that was amazing. The artwork here, as well as the buildings, is timeless to say the least.

My experience here in Italy so far has been wonderful, I feel I am truly blessed to be able to come to such a special place. It took a couple days to adjust to the culture, but I am glad I stayed open-minded because this is one that I will never forget, and can never be taken away from me.

Catch everyone later, it's about time to turn up for my birthday. Peace.

-Hameed Ali