As Hurd on the Sideline: Vol. 1, Issue 2

As Hurd on the Sideline: Vol. 1, Issue 2

What up Islanders Nation?!

I want to thank everyone for coming out to our home opener vs. Denver. It was close and fun, but we wish that we had won the game. Oh well, on to prepare for Utah State. We've had a great week of preparation and we have gotten a lot better as a team. No doubt we will be ready for the Aggies.

Speaking of big things that have come up this weekend, Twilight has been a discussion in our locker room. Personally, I think the plot is OK, but the acting sucks – from all the actors. 

They should have picked a better lead actress. Emma Roberts (Julia Roberts' daughter) would have been a great Bella. She's talented and jaw dropping gorgeous. At least it would make the series a little more interesting. 

Like talking werewolves, the vampires still being able to walk around during the day, that's cheating. The team has all agreed that the plot is cool but the acting isn't cool. 

That made me wonder who on the team would be a vampire or a werewolf if given the option. When I asked that, right away Hameed [Ali] said, "TEAM EDWARD."  It wouldn't surprise me if that cat has the Twilight board game. 

Some people like Ted [Wang] and Jake [Kocher] would be vampires because they don't age – it's a good point. The biggest debate I had was with Nate [Maxey].  He kept asking questions and making comparisons to other vampires and werewolves. 

Would vampires be awake during the day, like Twilight, or do they have to go to sleep or turn into a bat? Do werewolves walk on all fours or do they stand up? Are the werewolves allowed to kill the vampires? 

A lot of broad thinking when it came to this discussion, but he and I both concluded if we could be the werewolf from the movie Van Helsing that's what we'd be. That was a bad mother, and he killed Dracula with ease. THE Count Dracula!!!

Nobody would mess with this dude.

It's been real!


Charlie Hurd is a junior who is sitting out this season due to NCAA transfer rules. The Houston native played two years at Division II Tarleton State before coming to the Island University.