Islanders Invasion set for Thursday night at Dugan Wellness Center

Islanders Invasion set for Thursday night at Dugan Wellness Center

The Texas A&M - Corpus Christi Athletic Department will be holding its annual Islanders Invasion on Thursday night to officially kick-off the run up to the 2010-11 seasons. The men's and women's basketball teams will be introduced to the fans.

Festivities will open with the band playing and the dance and cheer teams performing. Following their routines, cheer and dance will form a tunnel while the basketball teams run through as the fight song plays.

The two teams will be introduced and the respective coaches will be on hand as well to tell the fans about his team and his players for the upcoming season.

Papa Johns will be sponsoring "minute to win it" style contests for the students to take home free pizzas. After the students get in on the action, the main event begins with the Islanders teams.

The best shooters from the men's and women's teams will compete against each other to earn a spot in the finals. It will feature the top performer from the each of the teams competing to take home to three-point shooting crown for Islanders athletics.

Kathy Killebrew will introduce the cheer, dance and band members to fans. There will also be the Islanders hair showcase before ending with a Blue Crush performance by the Blue Crew.

Admission to the event is free for everyone with a start time of 7:00 p.m. Fans are encouraged to get out and see the Islanders in the annual event and join in on the fun.