Dance Team Begins Preparations for NDA College Nationals

Dance Team Begins Preparations for NDA College Nationals


CORPUS CHRISTI – The 2014 Islanders Dance Team started preparations this week for the National Dance Alliance (NDA) Collegiate Dance National Championships with the help of UDA staff member Stephanie Raciak.

"This is a theme that I have thrown around for a couple of years now," Head Coach Melanie Lowry said. "With the help of Stephanie I feel like this team has what it takes to nail this routine. This choreography is out of their comfort zone, but it's an exciting routine that will leave everyone gasping."

The team has been practicing their high-energy contemporary jazz routine with Stephanie for three straight days. The "take over" themed routine will feature 16 of the Islanders at nationals on April 9-13 in Daytona Beach, Fla. 

"I think everybody loves the different choreography," junior Charlotte Hillery said. "It's nothing like what we have done in the past. I'm personally excited to take it to competition because nobody is going to expect it from us.

"We're hoping to go in there and surprise everybody and give them a sense that we can do anything they throw at us."

Last season the Islanders performed a sassy jazz routine and placed 11th out of 21 teams in the Division I Open at the NDA Collegiate Championships.

"The choreography is definitely outside of our box, but it's a breath of fresh air," captain Taryn Lovato said. "It shows everybody that we can do more than hip hop and we're more than just basketball dancers.

"I want people to see we are competitors. Nobody will expect this from us since we are always considered the underdogs."

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