Baseball ends fall with 4th annual Islanders Fall Classic starting Thursday at Chapman

Baseball ends fall with 4th annual Islanders Fall Classic starting Thursday at Chapman

The Texas A&M - Corpus Christi baseball program will wrap-up fall practices with their 4th annual Islanders Fall Classic. Head coach Scott Malone and staff split the roster into Blue and Green teams that will compete in a best-of-three series on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Chapman Field.

Last year the Fall Classic went to the deciding game three with the Green rallying for a 6-5 victory.

"The fall classic provides us with a great way to finish our fall workouts each year," said Malone. "Our players take the three days of competition very serious because bragging rights are on the line for the remainder of the fall."

On Thursday the classic opens up with Todd Simko of the Blue team squaring off against Sean Hoelscher for the Green. Game two on Friday features Michael Boyle for the Blue versus Brett Carnline. The classic will conclude on Saturday when Justin Meza of the Blue toes the rubber against Ian Campbell for the Green.

Offensively for Blue they will feature returnees Trey Hernandez, Weston Montgomery, Matt Holland and Marc Damon.

Green also has some firepower on their team with returners Caleb Marx, Jeremy Marek, Bobby Buckner, Omar Garcia and Jacob Perales.

Several new faces will also take part in this three-game series starting on Thursday.

"It will be fun to watch our kids not just play the games, but really go out and compete for three days," added coach Malone.

Games will start at 2:00 PM Thursday, 2:30 PM Friday and Noon on Saturday, with the first two games being seven inning contests and game three being nine innings.

Blue Team Roster: Trey Hernandez 1B, Weston Montgomery 2B, Dan Sciantarelli 3B, Logan Nottebrok SS, Michael Valdez C, Santiago Ruiz C, Chris Vergne LF, Hayden Moore CF, Justin Meza CF/RHP, Matt Holland RF, Marc Damon UTL, Roman Madrid RHP, Alex Jack LHP, Todd Simko LHP, Arnold Alaniz LHP, Jake McNeil RHP, Roy Ferdin LHP, Michael Boyle RHP, Tanner Green RHP, Roland Botello RHP, Alex Silva RHP, Garrett Guys RHP

Green Team Roster: Caleb Marx 1B, Jeremy Marek 2B, Matt Rocha 2B, Bobby Buckner 3B, Drew Vest SS, Jumpy Garcia C, Omar Garcia C, Chris Perez LF, Thurston Hillmon LF, Sean Washington CF, Jacob Perales RF, Phillip Garcia RHP, Chris Pena LHP, Ian Campbell RHP, Trent Irwin RHP, Brett Carnline RHP, Adam Hoelscher LHP, Chance Bragg RHP, Andrew Longoria RHP, Trevor Foss RHP, Bryce Zak RHP, Sean Hoelscher RHP