CHAMPS/Life Skills Director's Cup



CHAMPS/Life Skills Program


The Islander's CHAMPS/Life Skills program is aimed at enhancing our student athlete's overall experience at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and assisting them in developing the necessary skills for success after college.  The Director's Cup Competition will challenge individuals and teams to compete against each other to earn points in the five commitment areas.   The Cup Challenge will run from September 1 through May 1.  The team with the highest point accumulation will be crowned the winner and will be announced at the annual Student Athlete Banquet.  The first place team receives $1000, second place $700, and third place $500.  The first place team will be treated to a pizza dinner during finals.  In addition, the student athlete that has the highest level of participation throughout the year will be awarded the CHAMPS High Achiever Award.  Points will be awarded in the following categories:

Academic Excellence -           (based on previous spring and current fall semesters)

            Highest Team GPA (men's/women's) = 100 points

            Most improved GPA (men's/women's) = 75 points

            Meet the 925 APR mark = 25 points (based on previous year)

            Each athlete with a 4.0 or better = 5 points each

            (only for teams that did not receive additional academic excellence points)

Athletic Excellence - (based on regular season standings as of May 1)                     

            Conference Champion = 100 points

            Second place = 75 points

            Third place = 50 points

            Big Game  = 50 points

            (each team will select their rivalry or important match to win)


Personal & Career Development - Points will be awarded to student athletes individually or as a team based on attendance at any personal or career development event organized through CAAS, the Athletic Department or other designed campus entities.  This category includes all mandatory team and athletic department events.

Commitment to Service  - Community Service Events will be given for participation in Athletic Department sponsored events.  Points will be awarded as a team or individually.

Leadership - Points will be given to each student athlete that serves in a leadership role within the Athletic Department or Campus Community (ie: CHOICES Crew or Mentor Program) as well as individuals that serve on committees within SAAC. 

            SAAC Participation: Teams will receive 10 points for each meeting or event they have  two representatives in attendance.  If a meeting or event conflicts team travel the representative must meet with a CAAS staff member before the meeting. 

            Other leadership roles: Teams will receive 10 points for each additional athlete that serves in a leadership role within the Campus Community

Team for Teams - Points will be awarded to teams that go the extra mile to support their fellow athletes.  Each team will choose their "big game" contest and athletes from other teams will receive points for attendance.

Scoring System:

Individual Points: Individuals will earn 100 points for their team for each individual effort.  At the end of each week, the points will be divided by the number of student athletes on the active roster for each sport.  This will account for the varying numbers on rosters.

Team Points: Team effort, defined as 70% participation or 20 members, for all categories earn 100 points per event.  All mandatory events require 100% participation in order to receive points.

Point requests must be submitted the next working day following an event.  All point requests must be signed off on by an Athletic Department staff member.