Student Athlete Affairs


Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Islanders Student-Athlete Affairs Program

 Academic Excellence

To support the academic progress of the student-athlete toward intellectual development and graduation

 Athletic Excellence

To build philosophical foundations for the development of athletics programs that are broad-based, equitable and dedicated to the well-being of the student-athlete

 Personal Development

To support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for the student-athletes, encouraging emotional well-being, leadership, personal growth and decision making skills.

 Commitment to Career Development

To encourage the student-athlete to develop and pursue career and life goals

Commitment to Service

To engage the student athlete in service to his or her campus and surrounding communities

The Islanders Student-Athlete Affairs Program has been created to enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience throughout their college careers.   Each month a list of CHAMPS/Life Skills programming will be made available to student-athletes.   Students will be required to participate in a total of five programs each academic year.  Two of the five programs must be "Primary" programs sponsored by the athletic department.  Programs will be listed for freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors so students can attend the programs most relevant to them.   

In an effort to promote participation in the Student-Athlete Affairs programs, the CAAS Office will sponsor a Student Athlete Affairs Cup competition each school year.  The competition will award points to individuals as well as athletic teams in five participation areas: Personal Development, Athletics, Academics, Career and Community Service.  At the end of the year the points will be totaled and the winner will be announced at the annual Athletic Banquet.  The first place team receives $1000, second place $700, and third place $500.

As part of the commitment to Student-Athlete Affairs, the Islanders have established the Student-Athlete Affairs Director's Cup. Click here for more information.