President and Vice President of Blue Crew

Islanders Athletics is looking for a president and vice president of Blue Crew, the official student section for Islanders Athletics for the 2013-2014 academic year. The primary focus of the President will be to create a fun game day and event atmosphere with the students at Texas A &M-Corpus Christi.

            Responsibilities will include:

  1. Manage 6-8 chairs and lead the efforts of Blue Crew.
  2. Work with other organizations and generate and execute ideas that will help increase student attendance at athletic events, resulting in an exciting game day environment.
  3. Assist the marketing staff through the production of signs or school spirit oriented items for home games for the following sports: Volleyball, Women’s soccer, Men’s and Women’s basketball, Baseball, and softball.  This position will work with the marketing department on the design concept of the promotional pieces and efforts to get them in student’s hands.
  4. Host Blue Crew tailgates for a select games.
  5. Participate in crowd energizing activities, playing BINGO, foul ball retrieval, and throwing t-shirts, etc…
  6. Plan one or two fun event(s) for all Blue Crew Members (For example, kick ball one night in the fieldhouse).
  7. Attend various events in community to support sponsors of Blue Crew.
  8. Most importantly, YELL like CRAZY at sporting events! 


Must have a friendly, energetic and positive attitude, must have a love for sports, good leadership skills, and must want to help create an atmosphere at sporting events that is fun and energizing.                      

Blue Crew President and Vice President Application Form (Due by April 29, 2013)

President:    Vice President:    (Check one that you're applying for)
First and Last Name:   
Expected Graduation Year:    
Phone Number:       
What is your favorite sport:  
About how many games on average do you attend each semester  
What are some of the things that would qualify you to be the President of Blue Crew? Have you been a president of a club before? What are some of your skills and characteristics that you would bring to Blue Crew if you were President?    
How many years have you been involved in Blue Crew, and if you just joined what made you join?
What are some of the characteristics/skills that you think a President of Blue Crew should have? Why?
As President, what would your goals be for Blue Crew?