Application: Blue Crew Cabinet Position

Islanders Athletics is seeking Cabinet members of the Blue Crew, the official student section for Islanders Athletics for the 2013-2014 year. Cabinet members will be assisting in numerous athletic events and Blue Crew activities that will support our athletic teams and create a fun and energetic atmosphere.         
Responsibilities will include:
1. Assist in organization of Blue Crew events like tailgates, fundraising events, and much more.

2. Work with the Board of Directors to execute plans to increase student attendance at athletic events.

3. Assist with the production of game-day team spirit items (signs, props, etc.) for home games for: Volleyball, Women’s Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, and Softball.

5. Take part in crowd entertainment by throwing t-shirts, ball retrieval, team chants, etc…

6. Help plan exclusive events for Blue Crew members.

7. CHEER on your Islanders!

Application Form: Blue Crew Cabinet Position

First Name:      Last Name:   

Graduation Year: 
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Favorite Sport:    

About how many games do you attend each semester  

How many years have you been involved in Blue Crew? 

What are some of the characteristics/skills that you would bring to the Blue Crew Cabinet?