Gordon Gilmore
Gordon Gilmore
Title: 2005 Inductee (Football 1953-1957/Baseball 1953-1955)

Gordon Gilmore was born in Mesa, Arizona on September 7, 1935. Not long after his birth, his family relocated to Lake Victor, Texas. He graduated from Burnet High School in 1953 after serving as captain of the school's football team for three years. In addition to his success on the playing field, he was President of the Student Council in 1952 and 1953 as well as Valedictorian.

He was recruited to the University of Corpus Christi as a two-sport athlete. Gilmore played both baseball and football for the Tarpons in the mid 1950's. He was team captain of the football team and student body President.He graduated from UCC in 1958 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering.

Not long after he graduated, Gilmore began serving his country as an officer in the Navy. he had an illustrious career which spanned the world. Gilmore served in places such as Bangkok, Thailand;Teapot Dome, Wyoming; DaNang and Chulai, Republic of Vietnam;Washington,D.C.; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and Sasebo, Japan. In 1966 he began one of several military construction assignments in Pearl Harbor, where he served as planning officer for naval construction battalions in the Pacific. he spent 1971-73 he served as the Director of Construction in Phnom Penh, Cambodia responsible for the U.S. government's construction in Cambodia. From 1972-73 he served as the officer in charge of contracts and construction in Bangkok, Thailand where he oversaw U.S. governement projects in in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. He moved back to the United States at the end of 1973 and was resposible for the design of several naval projects before beginning work in his field of study. His Petroleum Engineering background was put into good use by the Navy between 1977 and 1983. In 1977 he was named the Director of Consstruction for the $350 million development of the Elk Hills oilfield in California.

Upon completion of the Elk Hills Project, he served as the Director of Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves in Washington, D.C. Under his guidance, the Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves Program generated an astounding $1.4 billion profit in his first year of leadership. Gilmore retired from the Navy on October 1, 1983 as a Captain, CEC, USN with 30 years of service including 5 years in the Navy Reserve while at UCC.